Aims & Objectives
The Joint Structural Division's goals:
  • a second registration for structural engineers
  • effective implementation of the national building regulations and the development of design rules for alternative technology
  • the initiation, development and review of various codes of practice related to structural engineering
  • develop the membership of the Joint Structural Division amongst younger members, recent graduates and established members of the profession
  • investigate a framework for the mentoring of young engineers and smaller design offices

Some points about the goals

The second registration of structural engineers

  • Section 24(a) of the constitution states that everyone has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being.  Various other acts reinforce this right.
  • Some years ago the Joint Structural Division embarked on a an approach that would allow for the formal recognition of a Registered Stuctural Engineer.  This approach allows clients to minimize their risk exposure by appointing an engineer with the necessary and appropriate credentials.
  • The second registration as a Registered Structural Engineer would be based on the core objectives and Initial Professional Development framework of the IStructE that have been redrafted and expressed as a set of five outcomes the experience and training of a Structural Engineer is required to have.  The IStructE Part 3 exam is incormporated into the professional development path.
  • A precedent that has been set some years ago is the second registration of engineers for the design of dams.
  • Ron Watermeyer is driving the process through the national qualifications framework and SAQA.
  • Interestingly the IStructE Part 3 exam is used, or is proposed for use, as a test of the professional competence for registration in quite a few regions around the world. (China, British Columbia in Canada, UAE and some others).


  • Concrete.  A revised SABS 0100 is being worked on and will probably be out in the third quarter.  A committee is being fromed to look at revising SABS 0144.
  • Alternative materials -  soils.  Development is held up by a lack of funding.
  • Masonry.  Revision of SABS 0164 is being undertaken at present and will be referred to the masonry code committee for comment.
  • Steel.  Work on SABS 0162 is ongoing; a final draft is due for circulation shortly.  SABS 0208 has been published.  An upgrading of the steel grade to grade 350 is being considered.
  • Timber.  Work on the timber code and rules for various aspects of timber construction are ongoing.
  • Loading code.  SABS 0100 is being reviewed under the chairmanship of Prof Alan Kemp.